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In 2008 over 85 people attended a meeting to discuss the issues affecting the Meon and what was needed in the future. This impressive turnout of local stakeholders including farmers, residents, fishermen, councillors and non governmental organisations highlighted many issues including water abstraction, urban and watercourse development, effluent discharges, disturbance, intensive agriculture, flood defences and habitat mismanagement, as well as showing clear support for a new co-ordinated approach through a partnership body.

In response to this community voice and in recognition of the importance of this valley, the pressures it faces and the lack of a ‘dedicated champion’ that works beyond statutory duty, the Meon Valley Partnership was established. The partners are already active in the catchment and this Agreement will allow a more strategic approach to be taken to make these efforts more effective. Better co-ordination will give better value and results to the people and wildlife that use, rely on and enjoy the valley. The Meon Valley Partnership will be an umbrella title for many smaller projects within the valley or influence the development of larger projects such as the South Downs Way ahead Nature Improvement Area.

To provide a co-ordinated, strategic approach to conserving and enhancing the Meon Valley from source to sea.

That will be delivered via the following aims:

1.    To protect and enhance the Meon Valley’s landscape, biological and cultural heritage and the ecosystem services that are delivered.
2.    To develop, deliver and support positive, practical action on the ground.
3.    To liaise with local people to encourage sound use of the valley and foster a sense of ownership and responsibility for the Meon.
4.    To raise the profile and understanding of the river, its valley and the ecosystem services that they deliver.
5.    To develop a monitoring programme and a sustainable long-term strategy that looks beyond the MVP.

Members of the Parternship:

The Environment Agency: https://www.gov.uk/government/organisations/environment-agency
The Wild Trout Trust: https://www.wildtrout.org/
Hampshire and Isle of Wight wildlife trust:https://www.hiwwt.org.uk/
Natural England: https://www.gov.uk/government/organisations/natural-england
Portsmouth Water: https://www.portsmouthwater.co.uk/          
The Clean Water Partnership: https://thecleanwaterpartnership.com/
The South Downs National Park Authority: https://www.southdowns.gov.uk/
And soon the Wessex Chalk Stream and Rivers Trust: https://www.wcsrt.org.uk/
As well as all those that work with and volunteer for the sake of The River!

To contact the Meon Valley Partnership please email info@meonvalleypartnership.org.uk

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